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Energy efficiency and
Sustainable Innovation

The Passion for Technological Innovation and “Smart” Sustainable Solutions together with the engineering expertise and the international experience gave the idea to establish the  T-Green Smart Solutions as Benefit Company (B Corporation).

T-Green Smart Solutions is a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) developing tailored solutions to satisfy Clients’ needs to support the industry 4.0 and energy transition by promoting new business models and catalyzing innovation in the processes and technologies in use.

T-Green Smart Solutions Benefit Corporation involves all the players of the supply chain, sharing know-how and awareness of mutual strengths, through own leadership and participation in training projects with the aim to increase and improve the Local Community production system.

Our main words are “Enhancing Together”! Together we can increase the efficiency of buildings stocks, energy infrastructures, organizations and industrial sector.

The approach adopted is based on “Transition Thinking” and aims to radically change the dominant structures and practices with the implementation of innovative solutions for the development of strategies and high-efficiency systems using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to accelerate the energy transition process.

The continuous scouting for innovative technological solutions and the experience in “New Trends & Innovation” working groups, provides specific expertise in consulting & innovation strategy to improve processes and design efficient and highly competitive workflows.

Innovative solutions for a sustainable future

Engineering & Energy Solutions

We are an integral solutions provider managing the entire project lifecycle throughout all phases, from feasibility study to integral design of energy solutions and engineering optimization, up to the commissioning and start up activities with the introduction of energy fluids.

Consulting, Innovation Strategy

Together We can enhance, creating an integrated management system (IMS), according to the Highest Standards in Project Management (PMI) and International Best Practices.

Property & Facility Management

Our solutions are designed to meet the client’s expectations tailoring specific technical solutions integrated with Building Automation Control System (BACS), reducing energy consumption, money and making the indoor environment more comfortable and creating sustainable and efficient buildings with net zero emission (nZEB) reducing the environmental impact.

Certified in accordance with UNI CEI 11339: 2009

Experience in
Energy Management

T-Green Smart Solutions  provides Expert Technicians in Energy Management (EGE) certified in accordance with UNI CEI 11339: 2009.

It is authorized to design, implement and manage energy efficiency solutions for Clients interested in obtaining an improvement in the energy systems performances by reducing utilities consumptions and energy costs in order to create sustainable infrastructures or buildings with net zero emissions (NZEB).

Our Focus

Our focus is the continuous improvement by optimizing workflows and processes to increase systems efficiency and productivity.


Our Mission is to be an effective and reliable partner for the improvement of the building systems performances and industrial system through processes optimization, systems upgrading, retrofitting and business innovation by offering tailored solutions, to satisfy Client’s expectations and needs to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Clean Energy

Through the generation of clean energy and the provision of management services along the entire life cycle, We generate value for all our Stakeholders, while fully respecting the environment that surrounds us.

We are committed to generating value

We want to be a player
driving the energy transition

We are committed to generating value in a sustainable way, using diversified technologies, using innovative and renewable energy sources more efficiently and offering management services along the entire value chain.

We want to be a player driving the energy and ecological transition by providing a range of services creating a sustainable future.

We want the new generations to be able to count on a progressive reduction in emissions, based on sustainable values, capable of ensuring development and growth.


Next Evolution

We want to be
a player driving
the energy transition